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  • White ABS Plastic Bezel for the uLCD-70DT and Armadillo-70T Display Modules.
  • Provides a mounting solution and professional appearance for Panels and enclosures.
  • For indoor use only.

4D Display Bezels

4D Systems has designed and developed three ABS plastic bezels to facilitate mounting and settling of units when using 4D Systems intelligent display modules.

The 4DBEZEL-70W (White) is suitable to use with the uLCD-70DT Intelligent Display and Armadillo-70T Linux based Display Module. 

These bezels provide not only a sleek cover to 4D Systems display modules but also an easy method to panel mount the display module into a secure enclosure. Spring clips attach to the bezel in four locations to tightly hold onto enclosure or wall panel. This offers a range of panel thickness from 1mm to 2.5mm without the need to add washers.

NOTE: These Bezels are not intended to be used with the gen4 Series of Display modules and are not guaranteed to work with displays of similar size from other manufacturers. For Bezels to use with the gen4 Series of Intelligent Displays look for the gen4-Bezel range. 

This bezel is designed for indoor use only. It is not weather-sealed, nor does it bear any Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Use indoor with care--preferably in a clean environment as the bezel offers little protection to the circuitry against moisture or particles.

Information about the BEZEL

  • ABS plastic bezels for use with:
    • uLCD-70DT Intelligent Display Module
    • Armadillo-70T Linux based Display Module
  • Provide a simple method to panel mount the display modules, and provide a finished look to the surround of the display
  • Simple cut-out required, no mounting holes required to be drilled in the panel for screws
  • Brass mounting inserts in the rear of the bezel to secure and durable fastening
  • Spring Clips for attaching the bezel to the panel (Qty depends on size)
  • M2 mounting screws and washers included

The 4DBEZEL-70-W includes the following items: 

  • 7.0" Bezel (White Colour)

  • 2 Small Spring Clips

  • 4 Large Spring Clips
  • 12 Mounting Screws

  • 12 Mounting Washers

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