26 08, 2023

The 4D-UPA/gen4-PA interferes with when I use COM0 of gen4-uLCD, what can I do?

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When 3 devices are connected to each other through the same UART lines, the third device can interfere with the communication between the other two.

Ideally, only one set of UART pins is connected to another. That means you can either:

  • Use a gen4-IB which breaks out the 5 commonly used pins (5V, TX, RX, GND, RST)
  • Use a gen4 Breakout board which breaks out all 30 pins from the 30-way FFC
  • Connect the FFC directly to your application board
26 08, 2023

Do you have any waterproofing recommendations for gen4 display modules?

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It can easily be achieved by utilizing display modules that have a capacitive touch with Cover Lens Bezel (CLB) which can provide sufficient protection given that the perimeter is sealed.

For applications that use resistive or non-touch display module, the best practice is to add a thin transparent membrane that can be effectively fused to the enclosure and then place the display in front of it.

The membrane must be clear and flexible enough for use with the display. Likewise, just using sealants around the edges is not a good way as it can affect touch capability.

26 08, 2023

What is the specification of the provided 30-way FFC?

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The 30-way Flexible Flat Cable has the following specifications:

  • No. of Pins: 30
  • Length: 150mm
  • Pitch: 0.5mm (0.02″)
  • Cable Type: AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1
  • Heat Resistance: 80 °C
  • Connections on the opposite side at each end: Type B

All 30-way FFC connectors provided for gen4 displays are ‘Top Contact’, meaning the FFC cable has the metal ‘fingers’ pointing upward in the connector, blue stiffener on the back of the FFC cable is down on the PCB side.

It is best to check with our sales team if we can provide compatible flex cables based on your length requirements.