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Speeding up the go-to-market

- Idea -

Upgrading a client’s truck display was the request put to Anything Electronic who have been providing specialist electronic services to the automotive industry for 30 years. Based in Nelson, New Zealand, they are the go-to-team for fleet managers and auto electricians.

Anything Electronic was approached by a client requesting that one of their truck’s existing LED display be updated. The original display utilized 7 segment LED displays. With several modules failing due to age, and older parts increasingly difficult to obtain, a replacement solution was needed.

Solution Design

“As the replacement display needed to function exactly like the original display, we knew we needed to have an easily programmable display and decided on the gen4-uLCD43D-CLB-SB. It only requires a 5V power supply and displays the information delivered by a RS485 bus” said Owen Pearson, Research & Development Manager at Anything Electronic.

The 4.3", 480x272 pixel display provided the right-size for the project, enabling 7 individual segments to fit neatly within the dashboard. The CLB-SB version allowed for a super-bright display which provided the optimal brightness for a truck dashboard and the cover lens bezel delivered a high-quality aesthetic.

Rapid prototyping of the design was facilitated by the fact that Anything Electronic were able to use 4D Systems products with which they already had experience. Given that many 4D Systems products are designed with commonality and consistency in mind; existing printed circuit boards can be used for prototyping, as the position of the power connections tend to be in a similar place.


Below are photos of 2 of the units.

The Anything Electronic team were able to bring the product to market within an 8-week timeframe as a result.

Image credit: Anything Electronic

Image credit: Anything Electronic