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  • Adaptor board for gen4-4DCAPE LCD TFT Primary Displays for BeagleBone Black
  • Allows connecting gen4 4DCAPEs to the BeagleBone with the accompanied FFC cable

Information about the gen4-4DCAPE-ADAPTOR

The gen4-4DCAPE-ADAPTOR is an adaptor board to connect the 4D Systems gen4-4DCAPES to the BeagleBone Black.

Avaliable CAPE models:

  • gen4-4DCAPE-43T
  • gen4-4DCAPE-43CT-CLB
  • gen4-4DCAPE-50T
  • gen4-4DCAPE-50CT-CLB
  • gen4-4DCAPE-70T
  • gen4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB

Information about the gen4-4DCAPE's 

  • 4.3”, 5.0” and 7.0” TFT LCD CAPE options for the Beagle Bone Black
  • Available in 3 models, Resistive Touch (GEN4-4DCAPE-xxT), Capacitive Touch (GEN4-4DCAPE-xxCT) and Non-Touch (GEN4-4DCAPE-xx), where xx is 43, 50 and 70. (Non Touch is special order only, subject to MOQ and Lead Times)  
  • 480x272 Resolution 4.3” TFT LCD Display, or 800x480 Resolution 5.0” and 7.0” TFT LCD Display
  • 7 optional push buttons via external button board is available on request, enabling LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER functionality. This push button board is only available on request and is made to order.
  • EEPROM CAPE ID selection via DIP switch
  • 4x 4.0mm Mounting holes on Non-Touch and Resistive Touch modules, or via adhesive on the bezel for Capacitive Touch model.
  • RoHS and CE Compliant.

The gen4-4DCAPE-ADAPTOR comes with

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