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  • Adaptor board for gen4-4DPi LCD TFT Primary Displays for Raspberry Pi Black
  • Allows connecting gen4 4DPI Modules to the Raspberry Pi with the accompanied FFC cable

Information about the gen4-4DPI-ADAPTOR

The gen4-4DPI-ADAPTOR is an adaptor board to connect the 4D Systems gen4-4DPI Primary Displays to the Raspberry Pi.

Avaliable gen4-4DPI models:

  • gen4-4DPi-43T
  • gen4-4DPi-43CT-CLB
  • gen4-4DPi-50T
  • gen4-4DPi-50CT-CLB
  • gen4-4DPi-70T
  • gen4-4DPi-70CT-CLB

Information about the gen4-4DPi's 

  • Universal Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi2, Pi3, Pi3 B+, Pi4, Pi Zero and Pi Zero W.
  • 480x272 Resolution (4.3”)
  • 800x480 Resolution (5.0” & 7.0”)
  • TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel (T), or Capacitive Touch Panel (CT) with Cover Lens Bezel (CLB).
  • Display GUI output / primary output, just like a monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi
  • High Speed 48MHz SPI connection to the Raspberry Pi, featuring SPI compression technology.
  • Typical frame rate of 20 Frames per second (FPS) – 4.3”, or 7 Frames per second (5” & 7”), higher if the image can be compressed further by the kernel. Lower if no compression is possible.
  • Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi, no external power supply is required.
  • On board EEPROM for board identification, following the HAT standard.
  • 4x 4.0mm Mounting holes on Resistive Touch module, or via adhesive on the bezel for Capacitive Touch model.

The gen4-4DPi-ADAPTOR comes with

  • gen4-4DPi-ADAPTOR
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