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  • Black Bezel for 3.2" gen4 Series Display modules
  • Allows for easy mounting option to walls and panels

Black Bezel for gen4 Series 3.2" Resistive Touch Displays

These bezels are plastic surrounds for all gen4 display modules which feature Resistive Touch.

These bezels provide a sleek cover to the gen4 display modules, and provide an easy method to panel mount the display modules into an enclosure. The bezel mounts the display module, while also providing a mounting solution into a panel, keeping all securely together.

Spring clips attach to the bezel in multiple locations, and hold it tightly to the enclosure/wall panel, offering a range of panel thickness from 1mm to 3.0mm without the need to add washers.

Bezels are available in Black only as standard, however can be ordered in White on special request, subject to MOQ’s. Please contact Sales.

Information about the Bezel

  • Plastic Bezel designed for panel mounting the gen4 range of resistive touch Display Modules
  • Simple cut-out required, no mounting holes requires to be drilled in the panel
  • Brass mounting inserts in the rear of the bezel, provide secure fixing points using the included screws
  • 4 to 6 Spring Clips for attaching the bezel to the panel (Quantity and clip size depending on size of Bezel)
  • 8 to 16 M2 mounting screws included (Quantity depending on size of Bezel), for attaching the gen4 display to the bezel, and attaching the spring clips to the bezel.

The gen4-BEZEL-32B comes with

  • 3.2" gen4 BEZEL Black Colour
  • 4 Spring Clips
  • 8 Mounting Screws
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