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  • MOTG Module Interface Board for gen4 PICASO Series Display Modules
  • Designed to fit snug on the back of the 2.4" PICASO gen4 Display Modules
  • Can also be used with the other gen4 PICASO display module sizes
  • Features a two MOTG interface and a pass through 30 way FFC connector
  • Includes an opening in the PCB to access the microSD card on the gen4 Display Module

gen4-MOTG-AC3 Interface Board

The gen4-MOTG-AC3 Interface Board allows easy interface of a MOTG module to Picaso-based gen4 display modules.

The board carries one UMI- compatible MOTG slot which acts as an extension to the display module providing plug-and-play interface with MOTG.

The interface board is designed to sit flush on the back of the Picaso 2.4” to 3.2” display modules enabling sleek and compact designs.

It also features a 30 pin ZIF socket, for easy connection to application boards for a further functionality advancement.

About Modules on the Go (MOTG)

MOTG, Modules on the Go is a concept from 4D Systems revolutionizing embedded design allowing instant and flexible hardware expansion solution.

MOTG modules offer a simple plug and play interface to Universal MOTG BUS (UMI) allowing rapid assembly and maintenance. This removes the hassle of having to solder and end up with a wiring nest. It also allows the designer to easily remove the existing module or add another module instead, which could be very useful during the phase of prototyping.

Importantly, MOTG series was designed with careful consideration for space with its compact and low profile design.

Detailed Features of gen4-MOTG-AC3

  • Interface board for MOTG Modules and gen4 PICASO Intelligent Display Modules
  • Features 1 x MOTG Slots

The gen4-MOTG-AC3 includes the following items:

  • gen4-MOTG-AC3 Interface Board
  • 30 way 22mm FFC Cable
8.9 MB |
Rev. 1.7
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