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  • RS485 accessory module for adding RS485 to your development project with gen4 Series display modules
  • Can be interfaced to your project with gen4-MOTG-A1, -AC2 or AC3 board
  • Modules-on-the-Go (MOTG) form factor
  • Can be interfaced to a breadboard or wired to another host with the MOTG-BREADTOOTH interface board.


RS485 is a standard communication port for various industry and networking equipment and enables easy configuration of local networks and multipoint communications links. Unfortunately, most of the microcontrollers do not support RS485 voltage levels.

MOTG-RS485 provides a high speed and low cost solution for incorporating RS485 Serial communication to your design.


About Modules on the Go (MOTG)

MOTG, Modules on the Go is a concept from 4D Systems revolutionizing embedded design allowing instant and flexible hardware expansion solution.

MOTG modules offer a simple plug and play interface to Universal MOTG BUS (UMI) allowing rapid assembly and maintenance. This removes the hassle of having to solder and end up with a wiring nest. It also allows the designer to easily remove the existing module or add another module instead, which could be very useful during the phase of prototyping.

Importantly, MOTG series was designed with careful consideration for space with its compact and low profile design.

Detailed Features of MOTG-RS485

  • ST1480ACDR differential line transceiver
  • 3.3V power supply only
  • ESD protection: ±15 kV human body model
  • Guaranteed 12 Mbps data rate
  • 7 to 12 common model input voltage range
  • Supports 2-wire 3.3V/5V TTL UART interface

The MOTG-RS485 includes the following items:

  • MOTG-RS485 Module
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Rev. 1.7
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