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4D Serial Pi Adaptor
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4D Serial Pi Adaptor

  • Easily connect almost any 4D Systems Intelligent Display Module to the Raspberry Pi

The 4D Serial Pi Adaptor is a simple adaptor board designed to provide a serial interface in a convienent form-factor, enabling the Raspberry Pi to connect to a majority of the 4D System display modules with a single 5 pin connection.

The 4D Serial Pi Adaptor features a pass through header design, enabling existing Raspberry Pi products to connect to the Raspberry Pi, as if this adaptor was not installed. The 4D Serial Pi Adaptor utilises only the serial port on the Raspberry Pi.

This adaptor is included in the 4D Systems -PI Packs, also found in this category.

Information about the 4D Serial Pi Adaptor

  • Direct IO connection to the Raspberry Pi
  • Simple 5 pin serial interface for 4D System display modules
  • Raspberry Pi supplied 5V power for Display Module
  • Comes with 5 wire ribbon cable if ordered without a display module. Display module itself includes a 5 wire ribbon cable (this is not the programming cable).
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B and B+, Pi2, Pi3, Pi4, Zero, Zero W, etc. (Does not use the full width of the header on B+/Pi2/Pi3/Pi4 etc)

4D Serial Pi Adaptor includes the following items:

  • 4D Serial Pi Adaptor

  • 150mm 5 way Female-Female jumper cable

  • 5 way Male-Male adaptor

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