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  • 4GB Industrial Grade microSD Card
  • Class 10
  • Special firmware to prevent Read Disturb when used with 4D Systems Display Modules
  • Specific model: PS8210 + MLC

4GB Industrial Grade microSD Card 

This is a Class 10 SD-HC 4GB Industrial rated microSD card.  These cards are unique and feature an advanced firmware to prevent corruption in harsh environments, and can instil a higher level of confidence in the end product when these cards are used.

These cards are superior to standard commercial grade cards and other standard industrial grade cards, due to their advanced firmware, which can prevent a phenomenon called 'Read Disturb' from occurring, along with other advanced enhancements. Read Disturb can result in random bit changes causing corruption when the same information is read continuously without being overwritten. This is possible to do when using them in 4D Systems modules due to the nature of the graphics, and therefore these cards offer advanced protection against this due to the firmware's unique ability to prevent this from occurring.

The uSD-4GB Industrial Grade memory card can be used to store images, animations, text, graphics objects, for data logging, and many more uses, when used in the 4D intelligent display modules.

These cards are SPI Compatible, they are sourced directly from the Manufacturer, Phison in Taiwan, and are the recommended micro SD card for use with 4D Systems products.

Not all cards on the market are SPI compatible, and therefore not all cards can be used in 4D Systems products. Buy with confidence, choose the cards recommended by 4D Systems.

Extremely small footprint measuring only 15mm x 11mm x 0.8mm

uSD-4GB-Industrial Specifications

  • High reliability, Gold Grade, operating at -25°C to 85°C
  • PS8210 MLC 15nm Technology
  • Water proof, Dust proof and ESD Resistant
  • Enhanced endurance by Advanced Dynamic/ Static Wear Leveling algorithm
  • Read Disturb Protector -Auto Refresh technology to ensure data integrity especially in frequent read operations
  • Enhanced power cycling support
  • Support BCH ECC engine up to 40bit/1KByte
  • Support CPRM
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE & FCC certification

This item includes the following:

  • uSD-4GB Industrial Memory Card

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