There are several reasons why this could happen.

  • LCD flex connection

Please check the connection between the LCD and the PCB if it is properly connected.

  • Lack of power

Please check if the display has power.

  • Programmer connection

Please make sure that the connection between the programmer and the display module is properly connected.

  • Upload PmmC and Driver

Upon checking everything above, and there is still no activity on the display. Try to upload PmmC to your display module. If you are using Diablo16 display module, it also needs a driver to be installed.

You can check the latest PmmC and Display Drivers versions from Workshop4 > Options and Updates.

You can use this article   “How can I update my display to the latest PmmC and/or Driver?” as a guide for uploading PmmC and/or Driver to the display.

If you are unsure of which PmmC and/or driver to load, you can contact our support to help you.