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Finding the perfect display solution for your product can be challenging.
With 30 years of experience and the most skilled engineering team in the field,
we specialize in creating custom display solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose 4D Systems for Your Custom Display Needs?

Our Custom Solutions Include:

  • Unique Display and Touch Panel Designs, tailored to fit your specific application requirements.
  • Specialised I/O and Connectivity Options, including wired and wireless solutions to meet your needs.
  • UI/UX design and custom software development, including programming service and interface to any existing platform.

Discover the 4D Systems Difference

Experience unparalleled quality, innovation, and support with 4D Systems’ custom display solutions. Get started today by exploring our case studies or contacting our team to discuss your project requirements.

Case Studies and
Success Stories

Over the years, our custom display solutions have helped numerous clients bring their ideas to life. Explore our case studies to see how we’ve tackled various challenges and delivered exceptional results.

Our portfolio showcases diverse custom display solutions, such as enhancing usability with high-resolution touchscreens for medical devices, developing robust TFT panels for industrial automation, and creating ultra-thin displays for smart home devices. Explore these success stories to see the 4D Systems difference.

  • A Melody of Innovation and Nostalgia: Analog Audio Design’s TP-1000

    This case study unveils a practical application of embedded innovation, highlighting the process and outcomes of upgrading legacy systems in a technology-focused product line. Through strategic technological integration, the project not only uplifted product performance but also markedly improved customer satisfaction levels. The subsequent pages delve into various strategic and operational enhancements made, providing readers with a nuanced understanding of the concrete impacts and subtleties involved in a real-world, engineer-led embedded innovation initiative. A testament to blending traditional systems with modern innovation.

  • Enhancing User Experience in Liquid Duratec’s Partnership with 4D Systems

    Duratec, specializing in liquid handling devices for various industries, aimed to simplify the control interfaces of their new product line. Partnering with 4D Systems, they integrated a touch display module enhancing user-centricity and operational efficiency. This transition replaced outdated control panels with an intuitive, modern interface without compromising on control capabilities via the RS232 interface. Three new devices were launched, improving user interactions through user-friendly touch displays, showcasing Duratec's commitment to innovation. This collaboration allowed for more straightforward control, monitoring, and interaction with Duratec's devices, ensuring a better user experience and meeting industry demands.