26 08, 2023

My widgets became corrupted after a while. What is the problem?

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File corruption in microSD cards will most likely happen when it gets interrupted while it has an ongoing write procedure. This can occur due to almost any reason like power interruption, sudden card removals, etc.

There is also a low chance that file corruption can occur when the file is frequently being read. The probability of this happening can be further reduced by using Industrial microSD cards that have ‘Read Disturb Prevention’ technology.

26 08, 2023

What should I consider when selecting a microSD card?

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All 4D devices that use microSD cards require cards that support the SPI protocol.

It is not ‘mandatory’ for manufacturers to support this protocol, but most do. Unfortunately, this is not usually explicitly labeled or shown, so it can be a challenge to find suitable cards.

For this, we highly recommend using our Industrial Grade cards, which support SPI and Read Disturb Prevention technology.

26 08, 2023

I am having problems communicating with my microSD card, what could be the problem?

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Make sure your microSD card supports the SPI interface, that is how 4D processors connect to the microSD card. There are some brands of cards, also fakes or duplicate cards, in the market that fail to work with SPI either at all, or reliably. These cards are usually duplicates of the popular microSD brands and do not specifically state compatibility with SPI.

SPI compatibility is critical for 4D Systems processors.

For best results, purchase your microSD card from 4D Systems, We sell cards that we know are reliable and work as they should, refer to the 4D Systems website.