The 4D ClearCore Adaptor is an interfacing adaptor to enable easy connections between a Teknic Clearcore Industrial I/O Motion Controller, and a 4D Systems intelligent display, such as one of the gen4-uLCDuLCDuOLED and pixxiLCD ranges..

This 4D ClearCore Adaptor enables easy connections using standard cables provided by both companies, 4D Systems and Teknic.

The 4D Clearcore Adaptor is easy to mount and easy to use, with two options for how the connected display module can be powered via the Teknic ClearCore controller.

  • Teknic Website HERE.
  • ClearCore Product Page HERE.

For best results, it is recommended to program the Teknic ClearCore using the Arduino IDE and use the Teknic Arduino Wrapper.

  • This can be downloaded from the Teknic website HERE.
  • Teknic ClearCore Arduino Wrapper is available HERE.

In conjunction with this, it is recommended to use the genieArduino Arduino Library, paired with the Workshop4 IDE and its ViSi-Genie environment.

Information about 4D ClearCore Adaptor

  • Compatible with gen4-uLCD, uLCD, uOLED, and pixxiLCD display modules.
  • UART connection to the Teknic Clearcore using standard CAT style ethernet cable
  • Standard FFC or 5-way connection to 4D Systems intelligent displays
  • Capable of being powered off the ClearCore UART port (when used with 4.3” display and below), or via an Auxiliary connection to one of the spare GPIO ports on the Teknic Clearcore (power via the GPIO port), or direct to a 7-30VDC power supply.
  • On-board programmer to enable the connected 4D Display to be programmed via USB, without the need to unplug the display from this 4D Clearcore Adaptor.
  • Switch to enable or disable the RESET connection from the 4D display module to the Teknic ClearCore, allowing the ClearCore to hardware reset the display if and when desired.
  • Aluminium mounting base enables through-hole mounting of this 4D Clearcore Adaptor through 2 designated holes, using a variety of screws.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.

Included in the box:

  • 4D ClearCore Adaptor – mounted on an aluminum mounting frame.
  • 3-way screw terminal connector, inserted into the 4D ClearCore Adaptor 3-way AUX connector.

Items NOT included:

  • CAT5 cable for connecting to ClearCore.
  • 30-way FFC, 30-to-15-way FPC, or 5-way cable. These are included with 4D Systems display modules.
  • microUSB Cable.


Operating Ambient Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +80°C


5 pin / 30 pin FFC / CAT

Module Dimensions (mm)

64 x 56 x 22.8



Country of origin


CCCN / tarif code


ECCN export control code






Package Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

105 x 75 x 37

Product Weight (g)


Weight with Packaging (g)




CE Mark


Codeless Programming