4Discovery 5.0″ Integrated Wall/Panel Mount Display

The 4Discovery-50 is a high resolution 480×854 pixel 4.95” (referred to as 5.0”) Intelligent wall mounted display solution from 4D Systems, featuring the DIABLO16 Processor and IPS display with wide viewing angles.

The 4Discovery is designed to be mounted directly onto a panel or wall, or any flat drillable surface. This universal mounting enables quick and easy installation almost anywhere in any orientation, enabling a wide range of users to take advantage of this display product.

Driving the display and peripherals is the DIABLO16 processor, a very capable and powerful graphics processor from 4D Systems, which enables stand-alone functionality, and is programmed using the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE Software. The Workshop4 IDE enables graphic solutions to be constructed rapidly and with ease due to its design being solely for 4D’s graphics processors.

The 4Discovery has an array of features including a 5.0” 480×854 pixel TFT IPS LCD Display, Capacitive Touch, micro-SD memory storage, 2 wire RS485 Interface which can act as Master or Slave with additional changeover wire, Proximity sensor to wake (or otherwise) the unit as someone approaches, and a switch-mode power supply enabling a wide input voltage range, along with many more features.

Anything that has been designed to run on a PICASO or DIABLO16 module can theoretically run on this 4Discovery with minor changes. Please ensure you contact the 4D Systems’ support team if unsure changing over from a 4D Systems’ module to this 4Discovery.

Configurations and Customisability

The 4Discovery-50 has been designed with multiple configurations and customizability in mind. The inside of the 4Discovery-50 includes a daughter board that is permanently attached during assembly at the factory. By default this daughter board comes in a few different variations, but it can also be customized to a user’s specific requirements. For a custom configuration, please contact our sales team.


The default configuration of the 4Discovery-50 is with Daughter Board 1 (DB01). Unless otherwise stated, the 4Discovery-50 is assumed to be in this configuration and the part number is simply 4Discovery-50 (in some cases SKU can be communicated as 4Discovery-50-DB01).

In this configuration the 4Discovery-50 provides a looped dual port RS485 communications BUS. This default configuration enables RS485 communications using a 2-wire bus, and the dual RJ45 ports at the back enable daisy chaining multiple modules or other RS485 devices together on the BUS without the need for RS485 hubs or splitters. Please refer to the datasheet for additional details.


The 4Discovery-50W includes the same features as described above as well as additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enabled by ESP32-PICO-D4 SoC with both an integrated ceramic antenna and a u.FL connector for an external antenna. Please refer to the datasheet for further information.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are available for all configurations. The starter kits include everything needed to get started with development with that particular configuration of the 4Discovery-50 and it is highly recommended to purchase a starter kit as a first-time user or if you are just starting your development project.

Please refer to the “What’s in the box” section for the part number and content of the starter kit.

Additional customisations

For other customisations such as plastics colour, or for more detailed enquiries specific to your application, please contact our Sales Team.

Information about the Display Module

  • Powerful 5.0” Intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by DIABLO16.
  • 480×854 FWVGA Resolution (Full Wide Video Graphics Array), RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT Screen with integrated Capacitive Touch Panel.
  • IPS Panel with wide viewing angles from all directions.
  • Programmed over RS485 using a special programmer designed specifically for the 4Discovery.
  • 6 banks of 32750 bytes of Flash memory for User Application Code and Data
  • 32Kb of SRAM purely for the User.
  • On-board micro-SD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes. HC memory card support is also available for cards larger than 4GB.
  • Optional Flash Memory can be ordered for internal storage of limited graphics, where microSD card storage is undesirable.
  • On board proximity sensor found behind the top edge of the display glass, can be used for activation of the display, wake from sleep, or other functions as programmed by the User.
  • Optional features:
    • On board WiFi and Bluetooth using the Espressif ESP32-PICO-D4 SoC, with both an integrated ceramic antenna and a u.FL connector for an external antenna.
  • DOS compatible file access (FAT16 format) as well as low level access to microSD card memory.
  • Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips on chosen 4D Systems display.
  • Supports all available Windows fonts.
  • 5.0V or 7.0V-to-30V input voltage range operation (single supply).
  • Module dimensions: 76.2 x 139.4 x 24.8mm
  • Weight approximately 130g.
  • Display Viewing Area: 62.56 x 110.53mm
  • Easily mounted to the wall, enclosure, panel or virtually any flat drillable surface.
  • RoHS and CE Compliant.
  • Available configurations:
    • 4Discovery-50 – RS485 only
    • 4Discovery-50W – RS485 with  Wifi & Bluetooth Enabled
    • Starter Kits available
    • Contact Sales for custom configurations

Select Suitable Configuration for your Application

The 4Discovery-50 is available in multiple configurations as well as Starter Kits. Please refer to the Overview section for additional information. The content of each configuration is as follows.


  • 4Discovery-50 in Daughter Board 1 configuration.
    • (SKU sometimes communicated as 4Discovery-50-DB01)


  • 4Discovery-50 in Daughter Board 1 configuration with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
    • (SKU sometimes communicated as 4Discovery-50W-DB01.)

SK-4Discovery-50 (Starter Kit)

  • 4Discovery-50 in Daughter Board 1 configuration.
    • (SKU sometimes communicated as 4Discovery-50-DB01)
  • uSD-4GB-Industrial microSD Card
  • 4D-RS485-Programmer for programming the module via RS485.

SK-4Discovery-50W (Starter Kit)

  • 4Discovery-50 in Daughter Board 1 configuration with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
    • (SKU sometimes communicated as 4Discovery-50W-DB01.)
  • uSD-4GB-Industrial microSD Card
  • 4D-RS48-Programmer for programming the module via RS485

If you are a first-time user and just beginning your development, we strongly recommend purchasing the Starter Kit as it includes everything you need to get started with your development immediately.


Diagonal Display Size INCHES



480 x 854


500 cd/m2

Backlight LEDs

2×6 parallel





Operating Ambient Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +80°C


2 x RJ45 Jack with RS485

Display Viewing Area (mm)

62.56 x 110.53

Module Dimensions (mm)

76.2 x 139.4 x 24.8



Country of origin


CCCN / tarif code


ECCN export control code