These plastic bezels are designed to provide a sleek and secure mounting solution for uLCD and gen4-uLCD intelligent display modules. Available for a variety of display sizes and types, they facilitate easy panel mounting without the need for additional washers or complex drilling.
These bezels are intended for indoor use only. They are not weather-sealed or have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. It is recommended that they be used in a clean environment to protect the circuitry from moisture and particles.

Key Features:

  • Secure Mounting: Brass mounting inserts and included screws ensure a durable and secure attachment of the display modules.
  • Easy Installation: Requires only a simple cut-out in the panel; no additional mounting holes are needed.
  • Spring Clips: The included spring clips attach to the bezel in multiple locations, holding the display module tightly to the enclosure or wall panel. They support a range of panel thicknesses from 1mm to 3.0mm (gen4-uLCD Bezels) and 1mm to 2.5mm (uLCD Bezels).


  • gen4-uLCD Bezels
    • Standard Color: Black (White available on special request, subject to MOQ)
    • Display Compatibility:
      • gen4-uLCD series with resistive touch (it can be adapted to the capacitive touch in some cases, with the addition of a washer spacer to space the bezel away from the display)
    • Components Included:
      • Bezel (available in sizes)
      • 4 to 6 spring clips (depending on bezel size)
      • 8 to 16 M2 mounting screws (depending on bezel size)
  • uLCD Bezels
    • Standard Color: White
    • Display Compatibility:
      • uLCD-32PTU
      • 4DPI-32-II
      • uLCD-43DT
      • uLCD-70DT
    • Components Included:
      • Bezel
      • 4 spring clips
      • 8 mounting screws
      • 8 mounting washers

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