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  • 3.2" Display Stand for the uLCD-32PTU (-AR and -PI kits also).
  • Folded Aluminium with rubber feet, perfect for stable development or display on a desk/table.


DS-32 Display Stand  - For the uLCD-32PTU

The DS-32 is a Display Stand for the uLCD-32PTU Display Module, which allows the uLCD-32PTU and a 3.2" Bezel to be attached to provide a stable and easy to use Development Platform.

The DS-32 is available by itself, or in conjunction with a 3.2" Bezel, which comes in Black and White.

DS-32 - 3.2" Stand by itself
DS-32-BB - 3.2" Stand with Black Bezel
DS-32-WB - 3.2" Stand with White Bezel

Stand comes complete with non-slip rubber feet, to provide a stable development platform which will not move around your desk during development or display.

The DS-32 has predrilled holes to support the addition of the Raspberry PI A+, B+ or PI 2 boards, along with the Arduino Uno and variants. Standoffs for these platforms are not included with this Stand. 

The DS-32 includes the following items: 

  • DS-32 Display Stand

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