gen4 Breakout Board

The gen4-Breakout is compatible with multiple 4D gen4 display modules, and pixxiLCD modules. It is included in some Starter Kit (SK) packs with certain products, or can be obtained separately, and is a quick and easy way to interface to the 4D gen4 display modules.

The gen4-Breakout is very simple, it breaks out the 30 signals from the FFC connector into 30 pads, 15 down each side.

The Breakout board is breadboard compatible if desired using header pins (not included) which can be soldered for ease of connections, or simply solder wires directly (not included).

The gen4-Breakout is useful when getting to each of the 30 signals is required, without the interference of USB devices or other peripherals, such as trying to utilize the TX/RX pins from a gen4 module but fighting with the USB controller on the 4D-UPA programmer. The gen4-Breakout solves this, and offers simple access to each of the signals, useful for both development and final products, without having to manage the FPC connector directly.

The gen4-Breakout has a 30-way top contact FFC connector at the top of the module, for connecting to gen4 display modules and pixxiLCD display modules, and then 15 through hole pads down each side, breaking out the 30 signals.

The gen4-Breakout is compatible with all gen4 display modules which feature a 30 pin FFC, or with pixxiLCD by using the 30-to-15 FPC cable included with the pixxiLCD modules. It does not matter what the pinout is of each display, or if they are compatible with each other, as this gen4-Breakout blindly breaks out each signal individually to a pad so its function is based purely on the module connected to the FPC connector. Please refer to the gen4 display module you are connecting, as to what each of the 30 pins function will be.

Compatible products include (but are not limited to):

gen4-uLCD products
gen4-4DCAPE products
gen4-4DPi products
gen4-FTDI products
pixxiLCD products

gen4-Breakout Key Features

  • Provides an easy way to interface to the gen4 range and pixxiLCD range
  • Can be used with all 4D Systems products featuring a 30 way FFC cable interface