gen4 Interface Board

The gen4 Interface Board – gen4-IB – is compatible with all gen4 range Intelligent Display modules and is included with every shipped gen4 display module.

The gen4-IB provides a quick and easy way to interface to the gen4 range of display modules without having to break out the signals from the 30-way FFC cable.

The gen4-IB is a simple interface that converts the 30-way FFC cable coming from your gen4 display module into the common 5 signals used for programming and interfacing to 4D Systems products. The remaining signals from the gen4 display module are not accessible through this interface board. Please refer to the gen4-PA (Programming Adaptor) which is a USB programmer for the gen4 range of display modules, and also breaks out all of the signals from the display.

If you have existing 4D Products, and have a uUSB-PA5 or uUSB-PA5-II, or even a 4D Programming Cable, then you can use these programming devices via the gen4-IB to program the gen4 display module directly, without the need of a gen4-PA board.

The gen4-IB can be used to interface with 4D Programming devices, as mentioned above, for interfacing to
a breadboard for prototyping, interfacing to Arduino and Raspberry Pi interfaces(see gen4 -AR and -PI kits),
or for interfacing to virtually any host.

gen4-IB Key Features

  • Shipped as standard with all gen4 Intelligent Display Modules
  • Provides an easy way to interface to the gen4 range without having to breakout the signals from teh 30-way FFC cable.
  • Can be used with uUSB-PA5-II and 4D Programming cable for programming gen4 Series Display Modules.



Operating Ambient Temperature

-20 to 70°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +80°C


FPC + 5 Way



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