Mates Programmer

The programmer for the Breadboard Mates series

The Mates Programmer is a simple USB programmer for all Breadboard Mates products, providing a simple 5-way programming interface and selection option for programming other devices such as “barebones” Arduino (Atmel) processors.

The Mates Programmer offers a simple connection for MatesBUS-compatible devices like TIMI and REPTOR. It connects to one side (5 pins) of the MatesBUS interface, allowing easy device programming using Mates Studio.

The Mates Programmer has a microUSB Interface to connect the programmer to the PC using a standard microUSB cable; it then utilises a standard 5-pin interface for programming the 4D Labs processors found in Breadboard Mates products, such as the TIMI-96. This 5-pin interface is one side of the MatesBUS Interface.
The MatesBUS Interface consists of two rows of 5 pins, 0.1″ (2.54mm) pitch and spaced 0.3″ (7.62mm) apart. It is ideal for direct plugging into a breadboard or compatible adaptor or development board.

The Mates-Programmer does not come with a microUSB cable.


A Compact and Easy-to-Use Bus System

The Breadboard Mates series introduces the MatesBUS – a bus system designed specifically for easy integration with products and devices.

Its compact size and standard male and female headers make it accessible and easy to integrate. By adding a MatesBUS compatible header to a development platform or product, it allows easy connection of a MatesBUS product to that platform.

  • Ease of integration

    Integrates seamlessly with a variety of devices and platforms

  • Compact form-factor

    Small, compact, and fully compatible with breadboards

  • Standardised header

    Standard male and female header interfaces make it compatible with a broad range of devices

  • Flexible operational mode

    Operate in master/host mode or slave/device mode

  • Customisable

    Design your own host platforms or adapters with our guidelines