The MicroSD-Extension is a flexible FPC cable with a microSD PCB on one end, and a microSD connector on the other.

It allows a microSD card to be connected away from the rear of a 4D Systems gen4-uLCD display module.

The MicroSD-Extensions purpose is to allow a microSD card to be accessed when installed in a piece of equipment, which would otherwise be inaccessible due to physical constraints.

This can also be used for development as the MicroSD-Extension features a push-push microSD connector, which can be easier to use than the latch type found on the 4D Systems gen4-uLCD products.

The microSD-Extension is compatible with all gen4-uLCD products, Picaso, Diablo16 and Pixxi44 variants. It is specifically designed to be used in the latch-type microSD card connectors found on these products.







Viewing Area: N/A

Module Width: N/A

Module Height: N/A

Module Depth: N/A

Module Weight: N/A