Pi Adaptor

Raspberry Pi meets MatesBUS

The Pi Adaptor connects to the Raspberry Pi’s 40-pin interface, breaking out selected pins for use with the MatesBUS. It also features a selector switch, interrupting the Raspberry Pi’s TX signal to direct the MatesBUS RX signal to the programming header instead. This allows the Pi Adaptor to be left connected to the Raspberry Pi when the connected device (such as the TIMI-96) must be programmed.

The only interface to the MatesBUS is a 3.3V-level Asynchronous Serial UART, which communicates between the Raspberry Pi and the connected device on the MatesBUS.

The Pi Adaptor utilises the BBM MatesBus, a unique interface pinout designed to be simple and easy to use. The MatesBus consists of two rows of 5 pins, 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch, spaced 0.3” (7.62mm) apart, ideal for direct plugging into a breadboard or compatible adaptor or development board.


A Compact and Easy-to-Use Bus System

The Breadboard Mates series introduces the MatesBUS – a bus system designed specifically for easy integration with products and devices.

Its compact size and standard male and female headers make it accessible and easy to integrate. By adding a MatesBUS compatible header to a development platform or product, it allows easy connection of a MatesBUS product to that platform.

  • Ease of integration

    Integrates seamlessly with a variety of devices and platforms

  • Compact form-factor

    Small, compact, and fully compatible with breadboards

  • Standardised header

    Standard male and female header interfaces make it compatible with a broad range of devices

  • Flexible operational mode

    Operate in master/host mode or slave/device mode

  • Customisable

    Design your own host platforms or adapters with our guidelines

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