PIXXI-44 Processor

The PIXXI-44 processor is a configurable custom graphics controller ideally suited for embedded applications. The chip can be configured to interface with many popular TFT-LCD and OLED displays. Powerful graphics, text, images, animation, hardware peripherals, and countless more features are built right inside the chip. It offers a simple interface to many colour LCD and OLED displays, with or without resistive or capacitive touch panels.

PIXXI-44 has a configurable core layer and hardware layer, which allows it to support LCD modules with various display drivers and touch interfaces. Supported display interfaces include 3-wire and 4-wire serial SPI, MCU 8-bit, and MCU 16-bit display interfaces. On the other hand, supported touch interfaces include a 4-wire resistive touch panel interface and a capacitive touch panel interface through an I2C touch controller. Configuration of the processor is possible through a powerful, automated software tool that enables the designer to define the core and hardware layers. This design methodology takes away the burden of low-level design, and it offers an enormous advantage in terms of design flexibility, development time, and cost savings.

Information about the processor

  • Low-cost TFT-LCD and OLED display graphics user interface solution.
  • Ideal as a standalone embedded graphics processor or interface to any low-cost host controller as a graphics co-processor.
  • Configurable hardware and core layers which enables support for TFT and OLED with 3-wire and 4-wire serial SPI, MCU 8-bit, and MCU 16-bit interfaces. All data and control signals are provided.
  • Configurable hardware and core layers that enable support for a 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel interface and Capacitive Touch Panel interface through an I2C capacitive touch controller.
  • Built-in high-performance Processor core (EVE) with an extensive byte-code instruction set optimised for 4DGL, the high-level 4D Graphics Language.
  • Built-in highly optimised Configurable-Core that takes care of low-level services such as Display Drivers, Graphics Primitives, Fonts, Multimedia, FAT16 Files, Touch Panel, and much more.
  • A comprehensive set of built-in graphics and multimedia services that allow users with minimal experience to create high-quality graphics applications.
  • Display full-colour widgets, images, animations, icons, and video clips.
  • Free comprehensive Software Development Tools (Workshop4) that allow the designer to configure the core and hardware layers. Workshop4 also provides drag-and-drop widgets for rapid application development.
  • Dedicated SPI interface for either SD memory card (SD with up to 2GB or SDHC memory cards starting from 4GB and above) or Serial Flash memory chip (up to 16 MB) for multimedia storage and data logging purposes.
  • PWM output pin for backlight LED brightness control.
  • 32KB of Flash memory for user application code.
  • 30KB of SRAM for user variables.
  • 19 General Purpose I/O pins for user interfacing. Depending on the processor mode of configuration, the GPIO pins are variously configurable for alternative functions such as:
    • 4x Analog Input channels
    • 3x I2C ports (master mode, maximum supported speed is fast mode)
    • 1x dedicated and 1x configurable UART ports. Asynchronous hardware serial, with 300 to 2187500 baud. The dedicated UART port is also used for device programming.
  • 8 x 16-bit timers with 1 millisecond resolution.
  • Audio support (dependent on the processor mode of configuration) for wave files and complex sound generation with a dedicated 16-bit PWM audio output.
  • 12MHz oscillator for external crystal with built-in PLL providing 70MHz system clock.
  • Single 3.3 Volt Supply (3.0V to 3.6V range).
  • -40°C to 85°C extended temperature range.
  • Available in a 44-pin QFN 8x8x0.9 mm package.
  • RoHS compliant.

The PIXXI-44 includes the following items:

  • PIXXI-44 Processor









3 x Channels


19 x GPIO

Serial Interfaces

1 x dedicated and 1 x configurable


1 channel

Serial Speed

300 to 2187500 baud

Supply Voltage

3.0V – 3.6V DC

Supply Current

60 mA

Operating Ambient Temperature

-40°C to +125°C

Module Dimensions (mm)

8.0 x 8.0 x 0.9

Product Weight (g)


Storage Temperature

-65°C to +150°C


Viewing Area: N/A

Module Width: 8.00 mm

Module Height: 8.00 mm

Module Depth: 0.9 mm

Module Weight: 11 g