Workshop5 Beta

Workshop5 IDE, a successor to Workshop4, is now available in beta release to interested individuals. This integrated development environment aims to support all Workshop4 environments with some planned changes and improvements, while providing a fresh look.

Workshop4 IDE includes four (4) major environments Designer, ViSi, ViSi-Genie and Serial. It also includes two (2) Arduino environments based on Serial (SPE), Arduino – Basic Graphics and Arduino – Extended Graphics.

ViSi and Designer both allow programming 4D display modules directly in 4DGL code. The main difference between these is the graphical editor or WYSIWYG tool that helps design user interfaces in ViSi. Both environments will be combined into Workshop5 ViSi environment.

ViSi-Genie, often simply referred to as Genie, provides a codeless environment that allows GUI projects to be deployed and primarily to be used with other host microcontrollers through Serial UART interface. It also optionally provides the Genie Magic feature which allows adding custom 4DGL code in different parts of the Genie program. This environment will be supported under Workshop5 Genie environment.

Serial, which turns 4D display modules to a Serial UART controlled displays and brought us Arduino Basic and Arduino Extended environments will be supported under Workshop5 Extended environment.

Workshop4 IDE Workshop5 IDE
ViSi-Genie Genie
Arduino – Basic
Arduino – Extended

Workshop5 IDE will introduce a new set of widgets and adapt some widgets from Workshop4. In summary, Workshop5 aims to support the current internal and inherent widgets supported by Pixxi28, Pixxi44 and Diablo16 displays. It also aims to support new designs for GCI-based widgets which are loaded from external storage (microSD or external flash chip).

The initial beta release includes Workshop5 ViSi environment, providing a similar experience to Workshop4’s Designer and ViSi environments. This will initially support only selected and requested display modules to collect focused feedback regarding the software.

Note: Workshop5 beta releases are NOT recommended to be used as a replacement for Workshop4. It is possible that the official releases will be incompatible with projects created with the beta versions.

For those who are interested, please submit your information using the form below:

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