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Defining our ethos and ongoing mission

Up until a few years ago, we never really had articulated a defined purpose for our business. We had core objectives, KPIs and strategic frameworks which drive our company forward, but really delving into why  we exist – that’s another question entirely.

As a business, we sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day routine. We have to support our customers, we have to liaise with our suppliers, and we have to take care of our internal people. But building a company that is important and lives out its values is about so much more than just the routine. Purpose has to be the beating heart of everything.

4D SYSTEMS can’t just be a business; we need to have a purpose that drives us. Without that purpose, what is the point of doing what we do? I believe that purpose is how successful companies define themselves. So we are putting purpose at the core of our strategy.

Until now, we had never really taken the time to sit down and think about clarifying that ‘purpose’. That’s why we made the decision to define the purpose of not only 4D SYSTEMS, but for the people who are its collective driving force.

The statements below reflect a little bit of all of us. Not just our staff, but all our stakeholders as well – everyone who is involved in our ecosystem as part of this journey, for which we live and breathe.

I like to believe that when Atilla, our CEO, started 4D in his garage a long time ago, that these statements in 2022 really do reflect the initial DNA of the company we established back in 2005/06. Only now, they have been clarified and are out there for all the world to see.

We had some great minds come together to articulate our PVMV statements (Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values). A special thanks to Alexandra, Afroz, Dev, James, Markku and Yema for helping us put these statements together for 4D SYSTEMS. I believe we have really defined ourselves with clarity, and what we stand for.

A sincere thank you for being a part of our journey along the way, whether it was in 2005 or 2022.

Here are our PVMV statements:

1. Purpose

“We help engineer solutions that unleash human creativity.”

4D SYSTEMS believes in the importance of intuitive technology that helps solve human needs and problems. We passionately believe that technology cannot just be a tool that is autonomous of people, but rather exists to make our choices more efficient, smarter and sustainable.

Amongst the most intuitive ways we interact with technology is through display and touch. We therefore design technology to shape the way humanity interacts with the world, and which makes complex computing stylish, simple and smart – right at our fingertips.

2. Vision

“To be the primary interface provider for human interaction and smart technology.”

Industry 3.0 witnessed the transformation of production from mechanical to computerised automation. Today, Industry 4.0 is taking automation to the next dimension with advances in computerised decision-making, increasingly interconnected devices, and artificial intelligence.

We are acutely aware of this transformative shift in technology and recognise that a connection to human endeavours needs to be preserved. The fourth dimension of the future is to continue to utilise technology that makes human intelligence smarter.

4D SYSTEMS is making human intelligence smarter today and into the future.

3. Mission

“We empower forward-thinking engineers, designers, and organisations with the ability to achieve their objectives using our intelligent display solutions.”

4D SYSTEMS provides commercially-ready embedded graphics display solutions for virtually any application. With IOS:9001-certified manufacturing facilities, we focus on delivering the highest level of quality and customer experience.

We recognise the growing importance of human-intuitive and intelligent technologies. We, therefore, offer technology that meets the needs of a diverse range of users, applications, and industries. Our mission to produce creative display solutions of the highest standards is backed by 4D SYSTEMS’ commitment to greater environmental responsibility and a proactive responsiveness to human needs.

4. Values

  • Courage in creativity: Every light-bulb moment comes from the audacity to dream of possibilities untold. Innovation is our passion, driven by a rigorous methodology in creating products and solutions for ourselves and others.
  • Driven by solutions: Tailored, customised, and cost-effective solutions can only be developed when we dig deep and truly understand the objectives of our customers to solve problems and meet needs. We thrive on this passion to explore new options to meet a variety of needs as technology progresses.
  • Human-first: For over 15 years, our team has forged its reputation as a global leader through relationships and understanding the people we work with. We treat our partners the way we would like to be treated, and we create products that are intuitively human. From all of us at 4D SYSTEMS, we believe this is the only way forward.
  • Shared performance outcomes: We believe in closely aligning our goals, and sharing our achievements. These shared outcomes are between our staff, our engineers, and our customers. We are always determined to meet challenges together: from time-to-market, creative goals, quality benchmarks, to commercial objectives.
  • Our principles do not bend: As an ISO:9001-certified entity, we have relentless focus on quality across everything we do. This is reflected not only in how we exceed our customers’ expectations, but also through living and breathing our commitment to environmental responsibility and humane capital practices.

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