4D Systems’ Focus on Exceptional Customer Service.

Business is moving faster than ever.

As customers get smarter and clearer about what they want and expect in the products and services they buy, companies are investing heavily in meeting their customer’s growing expectations.

“You need to be able to really understand the problems your customers are trying to solve and work backwards from there,” says Sinan Aknar, Managing Director of 4D Systems.

“As our community of enterprise manufacturers, design houses and hobbyists use our products for increasingly varied applications, our customer support team are able to pass learnings back to our product teams to continuously improve our products. Customer service is not one-way, it’s a feedback loop and an ongoing conversation between our customers and us.”

A focus on speed and convenience

People’s expectations have been shaped by the everyday interactions they have with companies like Google, Uber and Facebook where answers and cars arrive within seconds and at most minutes.

Customers do not simply compare their experience to your competitors anymore. They compare you to the best service they have ever received – from any company they have interacted with. Consumers want to work with the companies that are easiest to do business with as well as communicate with.

The traditional customer service channels of phone and email still have an important place for helping users resolve complex issues, but when it comes to meeting the demand for speed, answers need to be accessible without the need to pick up the phone. User guides, video tutorials and intuitive FAQs are the first place people begin to look for solutions. They also need to be easily accessible on mobile.

Mobile self-service

Self-service is becoming the preferred choice when it comes to customer support.

According to Gartner research, 81% of customers across all industries attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a customer support representative. In addition, more and more are researching and resolving issues from their phone.

Whether it’s searching “How To…” on Youtube or searching discussion boards for key phrases, strong customer service strategies are deeply mobile-driven.

“We have seen this shift in our own customer base. A hobbyist and an engineer at an enterprise manufacturer will get online to look up something. We know our documentation must be ready for them when they need it,” says Markku Riihonen, Global Products and Business Development Manager of 4D Systems.

Product datasheets and manuals need to be easily accessible on the product page for reviewing pre-purchase.

Supporting customers pre and post purchase

Companies must build an ecosystem around their customers to deliver what they need, both pre-purchase as well as post-purchase.

Improving the pre-purchase process assists customers in deciding whether the product is right for them and increases conversion. Strong post-purchase support ensures high satisfaction and a likelihood of an ongoing relationship.

Carl Darby, a model-maker who used 4D System’s user form & post-purchase technical support in a recent project says “this project showed me how easy 4D Systems products are to use”. Mr. Darby used the uOLED-96-G2 in his model-making project for its compact size and intuitive programming software.

Ledixis, an enterprise manufacturer of DMX controllers for lighting control relied on application notes and discussion forums on 4D System’s website for the majority of their questions and sought advanced technical assistance with the post-purchase team for questions they preferred not to share on a public discussion board. Ultimately, the service was tailored to their preferences.

Creating a strong customer service culture is important for developing long-term relationships with customers.

Richer customer experiences lead to better customer loyalty, repeat purchases and dependable revenue streams.

For over 15 years, 4D Systems has forged its place as a global leader for intelligent displays and graphics processors. While we are honoured to offer our range of products, it’s the effort we put into customer service that makes us most proud.

To experience the very best in customer service, talk to a team member today through the best channel for you.

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