As a global leader in the engineering of intelligent graphics solutions, 4D SYSTEMS has always been true believers in the power of collaboration and partnerships to drive forward innovation. Revolutionary hardware technology venture, Breadboard Mates, approached 4D SYSTEMS with an entrepreneurial idea that will open the door for the next generation of tools and design aids for speedy project development and experiment.

Breadboard Mates was established in October 2020, with the aim to bring breadboard-friendly products to the market, cutting down the time and components required to develop or experiment with electronics – a step forward in addressing the changing needs of the market.

Breadboard Mates Products

Breadboard Mates cutting edge products allow for seamless development with the help of revolutionary products like TIMI-96 and Mates Studio, the software development suite for all Breadboard Mates products offering four different programming methods with a library of hundreds of pre-designed pages and widgets.

BreadBoard Mates products use the powerful PIXXI range of embedded graphics processors from 4D Labs, the semiconductor arm of 4D Systems, to make innovative never-seen-before products.

The result is an unprecedented increase in development speed for stand-alone, host driven or PC testing applications.

See TIMI-96 in action

With 4D SYSTEMS backing, the partnership is predicted to be the catalyst for a new wave of unleashed creativity that puts the Breadboard Mates engineering team on the competitive vanguard of the ever-changing hardware and software technology space.

If you’d like to learn more about Breadboard Mates you can visit their website, otherwise get in touch with us at 4D SYSTEMS for further discussion.

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