uLCD-480RD: A Breakthrough in Visual Display Solutions

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Introducing the 2.1″ Round LCD-TFT IPS Display Module

We are proud to present our newest product, the uLCD-480RD, a 2.1″ round intelligent display module driven by 4D Systems’ DIABLO-16 graphics processor. 

Featuring a round 2.1″ IPS LCD with 480 pixels in diameter, the uLCD-480RD offers a unique display configuration, providing 240 pixels from the center in any direction. The design sets it apart from traditional square TFT LCDs. 

Variants Available

The uLCD-480RD is offered in two models: 

Each model offers versatility to suit a wide range of applications. 

The DIABLO-16 processor drives the display and peripherals. This highly capable chip enables standalone functionality and is programmed using the user-friendly Workshop4 IDE Software. It facilitates rapid graphics construction. 

The DIABLO-16 processor boasts 16 customisable GPIO with versatile functionalities like PWM, Serial, I2C, SPI, and more. The display module also offers PWM for Sound, micro-SD, or SPI Flash storage options, general-purpose I/O, multiple TTL Serial, I2C, and SPI channels, and precise millisecond resolution timers. 

Equipped with a 30-pin ZIF/FFC/FPC socket for easy interfacing for programming and device integration, the uLCD-480RD offers advanced functionality by way of its GPIO which is accessible via this socket. Compatibility with gen4-uLCD products’ pinout and programming via the 4D-UPA Programmer further streamline its usability. 

Also available in a Starter Kit for first-time users.