To program the 4D Display module – Yes.

You will require a programming adapter or cable when updating PmmC and programming the display. This is usually included in Starter Kits and can also be purchased separately.

You cannot use other FTDI or generic programming adaptors, as most of them do not use the same reset technique required for 4D Processors, and will either not work correctly, or will ‘brick’ the 4D Processor. It is highly recommended you do not even attempt to try this at risk of damaging your module’s processor.

4D Programming Adaptors or Cables are available on the 4D Systems website, or from distributors.

Using the wrong programming cable or adaptor may damage your module and void your Warranty.

List of official 4D programming adaptors:

  • uUSB-PA5-II
  • 4D-UPA
  • gen4-PA
  • Programming Cable
  • uUSB-PA5 (Legacy)
  • uUSB-CE5 (Legacy)
  • uUSB-CE5-2 (Legacy)
  • uUSB-MB5 (Legacy)