26 08, 2023

What is a 4XE File?

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When you compile a 4DGL file, the compiler generates an executable file with an extension .4XE. When you download the compiled code, the 4XE file gets downloaded to the FLASH or RAM depending on the option selected in the 4D Workshop4 IDE.

When a 4XE program is saved to FLASH, the program will start whenever power is applied.

Note: If #MODE RUNFLASH is added to the start of the program, the program actually executes from FLASH memory. Otherwise, the program in FLASH is loaded into RAM before it is run. A program that is run directly from FLASH runs a little slower than a program run from RAM but has the advantage of leaving the RAM space free for running child programs.

26 08, 2023

What is a 4FN File?

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When you compile a 4DGL file that doesn’t have a “Main” Function, a 4FN file is generated as relocatable source code. A 4FN file can be loaded, then called from the Main program that resides in the FLASH memory of the Processor.

It works just like a function and can be discarded when no longer required, freeing up memory. You can also pass arguments to a 4FN file from the Main Program. It can return values to the “Main” Program.

You can return from a 4FN file to the Main Program at the same point where you called the 4FN file.

Note: A good example of this technique can be found in the 4DTETRIS.4DG program which can be browsed through the Samples -> Picaso Designer -> PICASO – DEMO\EXECUTABLESSOURCE

26 08, 2023

How can I use 4XE file as a child program?

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A secondary (CHILD) 4XE file can be saved to the microSD card and called from the Main program that resides in the FLASH. Once loaded, a child 4XE file takes full control and runs from the RAM.

When you reach “Exit” in the 4XE file code, the module goes back to the start-up routine returning control to the Main Program in FLASH, in effect restarting it.

You can pass arguments to a 4XE file from the Main Program. The 4XE File cannot return anything to the Main program.

26 08, 2023

Is there a function that converts int to float and vice versa?

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There are two functions that can be used for 16-bit conversion.

Converting integer(int_value) to float (float_value):

Float_value := flt_FTOI()

Converting float (float_value) to integer (int_value) :

Int_value := flt_ITOF(float_value)

You can check Diablo16 Internal Functions Manual for more information about the functions.

26 08, 2023

I got an Error 30 when trying to use Inherent Widgets, what can I do to solve this?

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To use Inherent Widgets, you need to load the inherent widget resources into the Bank 5 of the Diablo16 processor.

You can do this by going to the Tools menu and clicking on the Load Inherents into Bank 5 button. This is only a one-time write operation unless flashbank5 has been overwritten or if there were updates to the inherent code in the future.

26 08, 2023

How can I transfer License from an old computer to a new one?

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Download and install the latest Workshop4 IDE from the link below into the new PC.

Latest Workshop4

  1. Use the email address and the password use from the old PC.
  2. Click the License Pro button, which will prompt a confirmation message to allow the transfer.
  3. Click Yes to proceed.
  4. Once done, you can remove the Workshop4 IDE from the old PC.
26 08, 2023

I have this message ” Internet Required for Validation” message when opening Workshop4 Pro. What can I do?

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To validate your Workshop4 Pro license requires an internet connection.

Please ensure that your computer has internet access for validation.

Check your Antivirus or firewall settings if it’s blocking the access of Workshop4 accessing our server.


Note: Common licensing errors can be solved by simply running the latest version of Workshop4. If you are running into any issues, please try updating your Workshop4 to the latest version.

Latest Workshop4

26 08, 2023

I plan to use my Arduino-compatible board as Serial SPE host controller. Do you have any libraries?

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Yes. We have different libraries you can download and use from our Github account.

Each 4D graphics processor requires a dedicated library. Here are the Serial SPE Arduino libraries available:

If you are planning to use Arduino IDE, it might be simpler to use their built-in Arduino library manager.

Go to Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries to open the library manager, simply search for the corresponding Serial Arduino library and install it.

Note: If you install Workshop4 on a computer with Arduino installed, Workshop4 installation will also unpack the Serial SPE libraries to Arduino’s library directory.