MatesBUS Headers

Perfect for Product Integration

If designing a platform to support MatesBUS compatible products such as the TIMI or REPTOR, then one of the purposes designed MatesBUS headers can be used. Two options are available: a flat header (BBM-0DEG-HDR) or a 45-degree header (BBM-45DEG-HDR).

MatesBUS headers are standard 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch and have been customized into a single moulding with side labels for convenience. The 45-degree option enables angled viewing of the attached MatesBUS-compatible product, especially useful for development platforms and education.

The 45-degree header features long pins, enabling it to plug into a standard breadboard directly. The pins can also be trimmed when mounted on a PCB. The flat 0-degree version has shorter pins and is unsuitable for breadboard use.


A Compact and Easy-to-Use Bus System

The Breadboard Mates series introduces the MatesBUS – a bus system designed specifically for easy integration with products and devices.

Its compact size and standard male and female headers make it accessible and easy to integrate. By adding a MatesBUS compatible header to a development platform or product, it allows easy connection of a MatesBUS product to that platform.

  • Ease of integration

    Integrates seamlessly with a variety of devices and platforms

  • Compact form-factor

    Small, compact, and fully compatible with breadboards

  • Standardised header

    Standard male and female header interfaces make it compatible with a broad range of devices

  • Flexible operational mode

    Operate in master/host mode or slave/device mode

  • Customisable

    Design your own host platforms or adapters with our guidelines

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