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1. Tailor-made

“We had a problem and you designed an actual solution for us”

Our customers come to us with needs and challenges. We get back to them with ideas and solutions. Honesty in marketing and delivery go a long way. There are so many options and solutions available that there really isn't any reason to push products or solutions that a customer doesn't need. In that sense our customers trust us because we take the time to understand and help them design a tailored solution that speaks to their specific project and their bottom line.

Enterprise manufacturers, engineers, design houses, and hobbyists all appreciate that we offer a complete package to suit a range of needs. We not only offer a typical display module but also a processor - a key differentiator. We also have stand-alone modules using different accessories that can be used across a range of solutions. Thus, our products can be utilised for rapid application development purposes or as stand-alone systems.

For one engineer, an option could be designed that scales according to needs, from low volume to high volume applications without forcing investment in new software development while keeping development time to a cost-effective minimum. For another, a 4D display could even bring new life to an obsolete piece of hardware and provide an up to date interface with many dynamic options of connectivity for a broad range of projects and integrations - whether that is using our product, or other IDEs.

We thrive on this passion for scientifically exploring new options to meet a variety of needs.

2. Reputation

“Proven products and frequent innovation”

For over 15 years, 4D Systems has forged its place as a global leader for intelligent displays and graphics processors. We're known for consistently providing superior, state-of-the-art, commercially-ready embedded graphics solutions - sold directly to customers or through distribution partners around the globe. Our growing range of embedded displays leverage LED, OLED and LCD technology, while our range of dedicated graphics processors provide the horsepower to bring superior yet affordable graphics systems to any application.

These powerful, rich graphics displays are also complemented by resistive or capacitive touch in many instances, for a comprehensive user interface solution that is clean and intuitive.

Essentially, we have the innovative graphics display solution for virtually any application requiring a graphics display, with or without touch. Our modules are used in a variety of applications from high value low-mix end products and mid-volume industrial applications, to high-volume mass-market applications.

With world class manufacturing facilities across the globe and growing, our engineers are always investing time and energy in researching the most innovative solutions our customers have ever seen.

3. Speed

“You work efficiently and communicate rapidly - it's refreshing”

Speed is king. We exist to jump start development times, delivering rapidly and efficiently with products designed specifically for ease of integration and swift application development.

We consistently surprise customers around our responsiveness, exceeding expectations to expedite development, while allowing for exceptionally fast prototyping and deployment. This is a testament to our team and our culture of agile success.

Our display modules, coupled with our 4D Workshop Integrated Development Environment, offer an unrivalled time to market from initial prototyping all the way through to a finished product.

Furthermore, as product development lifecycles are getting shorter and there is increased pressure on time-to-market, even larger organisations with seemingly unlimited resources are delighted with using our easier, more flexible, and scalable display solutions for their applications.

4. Lifetime Partner

“The relationship didn't end once we had the hardware - that meant a lot”

It's a lifetime of live, competent, responsible and personal technical support as our engineers take the time to really listen and deep dive into specific goals and problems to develop the best possible solutions on an ongoing basis.

You're never alone as our in-house team of seasoned electronics and software engineers are on stand-by supporting fast implementation, impeccable problem solving, and ongoing advice.

In fact, we feed off the conversations we have with customers which end up fuelling our investments in R&D and our core technology. It's a cycle of information and support that leads to win-win scenarios we are proud of.

In that regard, we're redefining what customers should expect when it comes to meaningful relationships and world class customer support - and people are taking note.

5. Winning Tools

“Workshop4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - it's amazing”

Having a feature-packed graphic display is one thing, putting it to good use is quite another. For this reason, we came up with Workshop4 IDE, a tool that lets the user design smart graphical user interfaces (GUIs) easily and in little time.

It's the tool of choice for programming the modules as it features multiple development environments, from text-based to visual programming. Together they allow the user to have a GUI up and running in minutes rather than days - benefiting a range of users from the pro-maker to the most demanding engineer.

It has a drag-and-drop feature making it useful and intuitive for all user types, eliminating the need to perform traditional coding. Time otherwise spent on creating and drawing touch-capable graphical elements before integrating them into the application, can now be spent on other important tasks like drinking coffee. Projects will be finished faster, will look nicer and have greater possibilities.

6. It pays to belong

“I get a lot from being a part of your community”

Over several years our community has come together to build an ecosystem of sharing through user forums, application notes, videos, and code documentation.

We even have a project gallery where you can find inspiration or post your own projects. It's a collective sharing environment that has flourished, enabling all kinds of users to benefit and adopt new and exciting solutions available for everyone.

Vast amounts of examples are available online, thus 'kick-starting' application development, providing access to excellent, widely available documentation, and faster prototyping and time to market.

7. Respected Quality

“Peace of mind is a wonderful thing”

Our customers never doubt our quality and it goes without saying that quality matters every step of the way. Our hardware and software engineering teams are well seasoned, and work with ISO-9001 certified production factories using our own quality assurance procedures for impeccable outcomes.

Hardware is available directly or via one of many distribution partners across the globe. Our hardware is directly supported by our engineering team for impeccable problem solving, so you're not alone.