Touchscreens are a significant aspect of how we view and interact with the world today. Most of us interact with digital displays and touchscreens multiple times daily. Banks, fast-food outlets, public transport, stores and many more such services rely on touchscreens for efficient operation, providing us with an easy-to-use and adaptable interface. Similarly, our home appliances and wearables commonly feature touchscreens through which we regularly make health, work, and lifestyle choices. Let’s dive in the world of display solutions technology.

Display solutions are not a technology of the past, but are an essential part of the next generation of innovations linked to intelligence augmentation (IA).

Display screens, present information to users – human beings – in such a way that amplifies personalized choice that suits their individual needs.

More and more users show greater preference to products with display screens to not only provide them with choices right at their fingertips, but also that adds to the aesthetics of the product.

Display screens, particularly touchscreens, are a better solution than knobs and buttons in the new normal due to a stark increase in infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

This balance between technological functionality, practicality of use, and bringing both of them together with aesthetically pleasant display modules has been a hallmark of 4D SYSTEMS’ display solutions.

State of the Art Espresso Maker from Henlo & Co.

The South African premium espresso machine manufacturer, Henlo & Co, designs and manufactures its machines that offer a “revolutionary brewing experience” through:

  1. Data driven analytics that reveal the quality of coffee being brewed that yields the best coffee for coffee drinkers being the beneficiaries of its premium machines used in commercial cafes around the world;
  2. Consistency of perfect execution in every shot pulled which is meticulously benchmarked to the original recipe of the barista, and;
  3. The right tools to create the impeccable favour, where ingredients can be precisely chosen and measured.


The gen4 modules are powered by the fully configurable DIABLO16 and PICASO graphics processors from its own 4D LABS.

They are all 100% compatible with the Workshop4 IDE and its 4 different development environments, providing product designers and engineers with a wealth of options for programming and controlling their system that offers sophisticated utilization of data and at the same time adding to the aesthetics of the end-product.

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