The gen4-FT812-43T display is an embedded SPI display from 4D Systems. It features a Resistive Touch panel with an integrated FTDI FT812 Video Engine.

It is a powerful SPI Display which enables a SPI host to be connected directly to the display, providing a powerful set of graphics features to the host using the on board FTDI FT81x Video Engine.

This display provides four-in-one functionality, a TFT LCD Display, Audio with amplifier enabling, Resistive Touch screen, and an integrated Video Engine. This combination built directly into the screen allows for simple integration into a number of applications.

The FT812 Video Engine runs the FTDI version of EVE (Embedded Video Engine), which targets high quality graphics displays with Widget support, designed to offload the Host Processor and provision of a variety of graphics features.

All software support for the FT812 is provided directly from FTDI. Hardware support is provided by 4D Systems.

To check for the product information of the FT812 graphics controller click HERE.

For the FT812 Embedded Video Engine Datasheet, click HERE

NOTE: Not compatible with 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE Software.

  • LCD TFT Screen with an integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel.
  • 480×272 Resolution.
  • Mono PWM Audio output with separate amplifier enable, designed to be connected directly to a simple filter and external amplifier circuit.
  • On board FTDI FT812 Video Engine.
  • SPI Interface to Host Processor/Controller, up to 30Mhz (Mode 0 only).
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller, with dedicate Interrupt pin to Host.
  • 64 voice polyphonic sound synthesizer.
  • PWM dimming control for LCD backlight
  • Power mode control to put the FT812 into sleep and standby modes, with dedicated power down pin to Host.
  • JPEG and motion-JPEG decode
  • Single 5.0V supply
  • 3.3V SPI Bus, Audio Output and amplifier Enable, along with GPIO (not 5V tolerant).
  • Module dimensions: 127.6 x 69.3 mm.
  • Touch Area: 95.04 x 53.86mm
  • 4 x 4.0mm mounting holes
  • RoHS and CE compliant.

The gen4-FT812-43T includes the following items:

  • gen4-FT812-43T – 4.3″ LCD TFT Display with FT812 controller
  • 30-way 150mm FFC Cable
  • gen4-Breakout Board