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Enterprise manufacturers, engineers, design houses, and hobbyists all appreciate that we offer a complete package to suit a range of needs. We not only offer a typical display module but also a processor – a key differentiator.

We also have stand-alone modules using different accessories that can be used across a range of solutions. Thus, our products can be utilised for rapid application development purposes or as stand-alone systems. For one engineer, an option could be designed that scales according to needs, from low volume to high volume applications without forcing investment in new software development while keeping development time to a cost-effective minimum.

For another, a 4D display could even bring new life to an obsolete piece of hardware and provide an up to date interface with many dynamic options of connectivity for a broad range of projects and integrations – whether that is using our product, or other IDEs. We thrive on this passion for scientifically exploring new options to meet a variety of needs.

Global Leaders in the design and development of intelligent graphic solutions.


    We design, develop and manufacture intelligent graphics solutions using the latest OLED and LCD technology available.

  • 4D LABS

    Our custom processors which provide high quality graphics, are available as stand-alone microchips for integrating into new products.

  • 4D LCD

    In actively finding your best solution, we also offer displays without intelligence when needed.

Multi-Tiered Solutions we can offer you.

4D display solutions are available for purchase at 2 tiers depending on customer requirements and budget.
We assist in providing a suitable and fitting display solution, be it a complete “ready to go” display module down to component level LCD and chip supply.

The most cost-effective solution at lower volumes: Fully assembled intelligent display modules, ready to be “designed-in” into your application.

Example: gen4-HMI modules and microLCD/OLED Solutions.

Solution Provider: 4D SYSTEMS Pty Ltd

An Australian based company that develops and manufactures intelligent graphic display modules. Our display sizes range from 0.9” to 7” and solutions for all prominent single board computers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beagle bone.

In this model, the cost benefit per unit is significant as customers take advantage of the economies of scale on offer as they gear up for increased volumes of production. We support this by providing both the TFT-LCD and graphics processor used on our Intelligent Display Modules at component level.

The most cost-effective solution at high volumes: Separate components ready to be assembled as you require.

Example: TFT-LCD Displays, integrated circuit boards, graphics processors.

Solution Provider: 4D LCD Pty Ltd

The TFT-LCD arm of the 4D Group that offers a wide range of standard and custom TFT-LCD displays at competitive global wholesale prices.

Solution Provider: 4D LABS Semiconductors Ltd

The semiconductor arm of the 4D Group. Offering customers unique, innovative, and cost effective yet market leading graphics processors.

With a 2000 square meter ISO certified manufacturing facility in Manilla, Philippines we also offer Electronic Manufacturing Services. Our manufacturing plant has two full surface mount technology lines with capacity for four million components daily, as well as handling PCB assembly, turnkey/ final assembly, testing and packaging.

To accommodate future growth, space for two additional lines is available for extension of capacity if needed.